If you’re looking for a meatless meal and are a fan of breakfast for dinner, this is the recipe for you! I wasn’t in the mood the other night for thawing or cooking meat, so I decided to whip up these Pina Colada Crepes that have been a favorite of ours for years. Crepes are so great for dinner because kids can fill them with anything they’d like: fresh fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. They are so versatile and a fun way to personalize dinner. I’ve even made up some crepes and put chicken salad sandwich filling into them. They’re pretty much great with anything! The great part about these Pina Colada Crepes are eggs, yogurt, pineapple and milk are all on sale this week. It’s a great week to make this meal for well under $10 for a family of 6-7. Login to our website to find all of the best grocery deals in your area, as well as to get this delicious recipe 😉 Enjoy!