Our hearts go out to the amazing Texans dealing with Hurricane Harvey. Seeing the mass devastation, it’s a good reminder to evaluate your emergency preparedness plans, food storage needs and how prepared your family is. If you need help with knowing where to begin, or how to continue your preparedness efforts, below are some tips and helps. Let’s not wait until we’re in the middle of a crisis to get prepared. NOW is the time to be ready!

I have a close friend who lives in Conroe 45 minutes East of Texas. She sent a couple pictures of their local Walmart’s shelves a day before the storm hit. They thankfully of plenty of food storage but wanted to see if this really was the case. They were shocked when shelves were wiped clean and there was little food to be found. Let’s prevent the need to panic and be prepared BEFORE a disaster hits. 

For those already suffering, reach out to your local Red Cross or Favorite Charity to donate too. It’s going to take a lot of resources to rebuild, so let’s help them out. Also, EVERY MEMBERSHIP BOUGHT THIS MONTH a portion of the proceeds will go towards the efforts of Hurricane Harvey.

Click on the Food Storage tab at the top of this blog for links, helpful downloads and handouts that will help you with your Emergency Preparedness Efforts. 

Step 1: Store as much water as you can 

You can not store enough water. Have water in your car, have water in your basement, bedrooms, etc. The more water you can have on hand, the better. Store water in all sorts of containers (55 gallon drums, water bottles, water jugs, etc.). Water is crucial to your survival. In the case of an emergency, don’t wait for someone to bring you water. Have plenty of your own in your own home.

*How to store water safely

*How much to store

*What to store water in

Step 2: Build up your 3 month supply of shelf-stable foods

As we’ve seen on the current news, many people effected by Hurricane Harvey do not have power. In the case of an emergency you will need shelf stable food that your family is used to eating, and can do so with out much fuel or power. Store 3 months of food with all the needed ingredients you need for from each meal. For example, if your family eats cereal for breakfast, make sure you have cereal, milk, etc. If your family likes pasta for dinner, store plenty of pasta, spaghetti sauce, etc. Plan your 3 month supply in meals so you can eat comfortably in the case of an emergency.  

*5 Tips to Build up your Food Storage

*7 Ways to Store your Food Storage

*Storage Tips for Small Spaces

Step 3: Focus on the ‘extras’ of preparedness

Besides food, you will also need a good supply of toiletries, portable fuel, candles, flashlights, batteries, ropes, etc. Take a look at your areas possible disaster situations and plan accordingly. Below are some ideas of items you could be storing.

*Important ‘Extra’ Items to Store

*Spices to store in your food storage

*Long Term Food Storage

Step 4: Make room in your budget for food storage and build up your supply 

It’s a common misperception that people don’t have money in their budget for food storage or preparedness efforts. This simply isn’t the case. Read this article below for several ways to make room in your budget to buy food storage. One simple way is to use your membership to Deals to Meals to help you save on groceries so you can free up room for additional food storage. 

*7 Ways to make room in your budget for food storage

*Never Pay Full Price on Groceries

Step 5: Never Give Up and Get Help!

Being prepared is an ongoing process. Don’t give up! Every little bit of preparedness could make a big difference in the future. Do a little at a time and over time, you’ll look back and be surprised at how far you’ve come. Get help! Let Deals to Meals help you know which food and non-food items you should stock up on each week. Watch for those red/great deals to know which items you should add to your food storage. Use our FREE downloads and handouts to help you in your preparedness efforts. Keep up the great work and don’t get discouraged. We’re here to help! If you have any questions about preparedness, feel free to email or leave a comment and we’ll try and get you the help you need.Now is a GREAT time to try a membership to Deals to Meals. We are offering our Back to School Special for only $3.50 a month. For only a few dollars a month, we can help you save $100’s on your groceries, help you with your meal plan and make preparedness efforts EASY and FUN!