What a blessing that just as we all have preparedness on our mind with the disaster in Texas, we check out the ads and it’s CASE LOT TIME!! This is the BEST time for all of you in the Western United States (anywhere with Associated Foods or Kroger stores) to take advantage of these low prices. 

Now is the time to stock up and build up your three month supply of shelf stable food. This supply of food is crucial to save you on your grocery bill, as well as to be prepared for a natural disaster. Depending where you live in the U.S., you might be preparing for a large scale flood, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, etc. No matter what disaster you are preparing for, you need food you can store on a shelf and have on hand when needed. Remember to focus on foods your family eats on a normal basis. 

For example, if your family eats Top Ramen, it’s on sale at Smiths for only $3.36 for a package of 24.  That’s only $0.14 each and a great time to stock up! There are many, many items you should stock up on like sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, peanut butter, tunafish, etc. Login to Deals to Meals to see all of the best deals in your area. Remember to check out the right side column of our website to know how much you would need for your 3 month supply.

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Happy shopping friends!