Okay friends, this recipe is a keeper! Sometimes I just get so tired of certain recipes that I rack my brain until I can come up with something with a little twist. I think I have recipe ADD. I get bored easily and like to switch up flavors to keep dinner interesting. I bought a big pork roast on sale this week at Smiths and was excited to use it for a slow cooker recipe to make dinner easy.

I was able to take a traditional pork sandwich and add a bunch of delicious spices and flavors and top it with a spicy, sweet coleslaw. The combination was way more exciting than a traditional sandwich and without much more effort. This coleslaw I ate for several days later and it was still super amazing. I loved the creamy sweet Sriracha dressing. Login to Deals to Meals to get these recipes, along with all of our other delicious meal planner favorites. Also, find out where you can get all of the recipe ingredients on sale this week. There are some great deals and a fun time to try this new recipe. Hope you enjoy and have a great week!

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