I can’t wait to share with you some of these AMAZINGLY-FABULOUS baking deals you won’t want to miss! These are some sales you need to stock up on before they end tomorrow. I am SO sorry this shout-out is late, but with us being out of town, I didn’t have a chance to share them with you. 

Check out these incredible baking deals you can pick up at any of your local Utah Macey’s grocery stores. Some of these prices I have literally NEVER seen. For example. only $0.99 for a large can of pumpkin (LOVE that), $1.49 for a large container of cooking oil and only $0.39 for a pound of brown or powdered sugar. Can you believe that price?!?! That is the lowest price I have EVER seen. Great time to stock up!!  There are MANY more great deals no matter where you live, so login to Deals to Meals and check them all out. Happy shopping and saving some BIG money this week!