This past week has been so full of emotions. My Grandma Lucy, who was 90 years old, had a sudden stroke last week. She was just at the park with us a few days prior, and healthy as can be. Since her stroke, she quickly went down hill and was only able to communicate to us by squeezing our hands.

This was such a tender mercy from our Heavenly Father. As new family and friends would come to the hospital, she would wake up for a few seconds, squeeze our hand several times and give us a little smile from the corner of her mouth. It was such a sweet time to spend hours with her, and being able to let her know how much we love her. It was also wonderful to have hours to visit with cousins, aunts, uncles and so many family members we love so much. At one time in the hospital we had nearly every cousin visiting Grandma. Not sure there has ever been a hospital room filled with so much love. 


She only lived three days and passed away peacefully in her sleep Monday morning. Through this entire experience I have seen the hand of the Lord in the large, and smallest details of these events. I feel so grateful to know that we will see my Grandma again, and be able to be reunited as a family someday. She was an angel here on earth, and I feel so thankful to know she will be watching over us from heaven. 



My Grandma’s life motto was, “Life has been filled with choices, and I chose Happiness!” She was by far, the happiest, most positive, most loving person I’ve known. This was a spiritual gift she has been given and has touched all of our lives because of her eternal, happy outlook on life. Even though her life was filled with many hardships, she made it a conscious choice to choose to be happy.

Looking for the good in life, is my new goal and way I want to honor my Grandma’s life. Feeling so grateful today for such a beautiful, fun, family. Love each of them so much! Grandma..until we meet again. I love you Lucy!!