Alright friends, it is Thankgiving this week and I can hardly believe it! Having moved from our home, and being in New York this week, I feel a little behind schedule. I wanted to share a few tips and helps for you, in case you’re needing a little head start as well 😉 

Let’s start with the menu plan. For 10 years now we have been sharing all of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes with you on our meal planner. Login to Deals to Meals to have your Thanksgiving meal planner and grocery list all ready to print and head out shopping. You have your recipes planned and now it’s time to shop! This is THE BEST week to go grocery shopping!! Don’t miss out on all of the amazing, rock bottom, grocery deals. There are too many to list, so LOGIN to Deals to Meals to find out all of the best deals in your area.

Need some additional help with your planning? Check out these two articles that might help you simplify your week. Hope you enjoy! I’m sure thankful for each of you and your support of what we do here at Deals to Meals. You’re the best!

Five tips to save you time and money

How to Simplify and Plan Ahead for Thanksgiving