This past week Todd and I returned from a really amazing (and quick) trip back east.  In five days we made it to five different destinations and six airports. It was super crazy, but we had such a wonderful time together. Grateful to our friends Russ and Debi who were so sweet who made it all possible with their buddy passes.  Feeling to grateful this week to live in such a beautiful, diverse and amazing country.  

It was so nice to have so much time to ponder and think about life. There is one photo we took in New York that sums up my thoughts about our trip and this holiday season. As we went to all of our different stops (Orlando, Palmyra, Rochester, Manhattan and Boston), I kept thinking about how busy and loud the world is. This picture of the small church, squeezed in amongst three sky scrapers was telling to me. Don’t you feel that way sometimes? I feel like the world is trying to ‘squeeze out God’ in our lives. We are constantly told there is no room for Him, we can’t speak of Him and the government is trying to minimize His role and existence in our lives. We went from a quiet, reverent and special place in up state New York where the church I belong to was founded. You could feel of God’s love there, hear the inspiration and feel at peace in God’s creations. We then flew from Palmyra New York to JFK and spent the next couple days in Manhattan. Talk about the complete opposite of everything Palmyra represented. Although the hustle and energy of the city was fun, it became loud and overbearing to me. I started thinking about how life is filled with choices. We are constantly having to choose and make conscious efforts to make a place for God in our lives. No matter your religion, I think it is so important that we slow down and find room for pondering the meaning of our life. It is my goal this holiday season to have a ‘upstate New York’ Christmas, instead of a Manhattan Christmas (metaphorically speaking). I’m excited to think about how I can simplify this season to make sure I’m not ‘crowding out God’. We have so much to be thankful for, and for me, these are the people and things I want to fill my life with. So, let’s turn down the volume of the world and find times throughout this season to look for peaceful, quiet moments to think about all that we have and are grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving friends–I sure love ya!

I LOVE this beautiful song by the talented Shawna Edwards that talks about my feelings for this Christmas season. She has a new song called Do You Have Room? Head over and listen to this sweet song about our Savior. Merry Christmas!