This past week has been so fun. A little crazy, hectic and amazing all at the same time. I love this time of year and all of the traditions that go along with it. Our family is so blessed to live so close to one another. I count this as one of my greatest blessings. Not only do I love living near my three sisters and parents, but it is such a gift to have all of our kiddos grown up together. It is seriously a party anytime we all get together and it’s so fun to see them grow up and support each other through life. To have family is such a blessing! 

Since I’m not great at keeping a journal, I wanted to document a few of our traditions this year so we can remember them for years to come. Hope that’s alright 😉 

Annual Cousin Christmas Marathon

I am seriously married to Kris Kringle! Todd is the most amazing Mr. Christmas. He makes every holiday so special, but especially Christmas. He can’t have enough parties and fun and I LOVE it! A few years ago he started a super fun tradition for all of the cousins and friends. He hosts a Santa Clause Movie Marathon where the kids come over and watch ALL THREE movies of Santa Clause. The eat pizza, snacks, treats, dessert and all snuggle up in tons of pillows and blankets for hours of Christmas fun. With 21 kids last night, it was a riot! That is, until they all slept over and refused to go to sleep. Ha! Thanks Todd for another super fun night!

Annual Christmas Recital

My Mom is the sweetest and is the piano teacher to 14 of her 18 grandchildren. That is truly a labor of LOVE and we love getting together for a special Christmas recital. It’s a great excuse for all of us to practice our favorite Christmas piano pieces and preform them for each other. My Mom also prepares several delicious appetizers and we have a great night celebrating how much better we’ve each become over the past year. Thanks Mom for another wonderful night!

We also had fun this weekend sending TWO of our teenagers off to a school dance. Can’t believe they are both old enough to date! Where has the time gone? Love these two kids more than I can say!

Ice Skating and Christmas Dinner

Every year out amazingly generous family Clint & Judi (check out their amazing quilting website and blog Green Fairy Quilts) pay for my husbands entire family to go out to eat to a delicious restaurant. It is such a special night to be together and get to spend time with the entire family (with 9 kids that is hard to do!). Before dinner we always enjoy ice skating (or trying to skate anyway) at the Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City. We end the night walking through the beautiful lights at temple square. Pretty much a favorite night of the entire year. Thanks Clint and Judi for another wonderful year!

Christmas Concert

Another tradition Todd and I have loved is going to a Christmas concert of our favorite musical artists. There are so many to choose from every year, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. This year we chose one of my favorite artists, Nathan Pacheco. If you haven’t heard his songs, you need to look him up on YouTube. He has such a dreamy and smooth voice. Not to mention he’s an Italian Opera singer and that speaks to my roots 😉 Can hardly wait until next year’s concert!!