I have been on a meatball kick lately. There is something so delicious about a little ball of delicious meat and flavor all rolled into one little bite. I created a recipe for Honey Sriracha Sticky Meatballs I will blog about later this week (oh yum!), but in the mean time, wanted to share with you a recipe from last January that is still a family favorite. This recipe is on our meal planner this week and believe me, you won’t regret making it. 

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To make these meatballs, all you have to do is put several chicken breasts into a food processor. Throw in the seasonings, breadcrumbs, egg, etc. and pulse the meat until it is a coarse texture. Don’t over blend or it will be mushy. You just want a medium chopped texture with some structure to the chicken still. Add all of the other ingredients to the chicken mixture and your meatballs are ready to bake. 

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