If you are looking for a healthy, easy, one-pan, wonderful meal, this is the one for you! I am pretty much a marinara snob. I just can’t get myself to use the jarred spaghetti sauce. Once you start making your own marinara, it’s just too good to ever pass up. However, a homemade marinara can take hours to simmer on the stove and it can get time consuming. This won’t work for those busy nights. This week I wanted to come up with roasted, simple marinara I could throw in the oven and forget about.

Basically all I did for this delicious sauce was chop the tomatoes and veggies and place on  a cookie sheet. Dot the pan with some pork sausage and broil for 8-10 minutes until everything is nice and roasted. Blend it all together, add a few cans of spaghetti sauce and you’re ready to go. Simple, delicious and nothing artificial. Loved it!! Get this recipe on our website www.dealstomeals.com under the recipe section and the title “Roasted Tomato and Sausage Blender Marinara”. 

Serve over zucchini zoodles for a carb-free version. It was also fabulous!!

I would be one sad girl without my Blendtec. Seriously, my favorite kitchen appliance I’ve ever bought. I use it several times a day and it was perfect for this sauce.