It’s a new week and that meant I needed to stock up on some more groceries. I quickly logged into Deals to Meals, found the best deals in my area and went out shopping. This week I only went to 2 stores: Maceys and Costco. There were a few coupon deals I wanted/needed at Costco, but the majority of items I bought at Maceys. There were some awesome food storage deals I needed to stock up on, so it was a perfect day to go shopping! I saved over 50% on ALL of my groceries and ended up spending under $100 for everything I bought at both stores. 

Some of these deals are over, however, there are some even better deals this week. In fact, there are some case lot deals at several stores-especially in the Western U.S. Check out many of the Associated Food Stores in your area and see if they have a case lot sale going. If they do–head over and stock up asap to save some BIG money!

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