Hi Friends! I hope you are having a great week. I’m excited to share a new recipe I created that I’m highlighting from this week’s new meal planner. I bought the big jar of sundried tomatoes from Costco and I have been LOVING trying new recipes with them. The nice thing is they freeze great, so if you can’t use them all within a few months, just freeze them in small baggies for later. 

If you want a healthy, new and flavorful turkey burger this recipe is for you! Not to mention you can make this entire meal for less than $10 for a family of 7. Login to Deals to Meals to get this recipe, along with all of the best grocery deals in your area. Happy shopping!

*Btw, this sundried tomato spread is heavenly on pretty much every type of sandwich, as a veggie dip or warm it up and eat it with tortilla chips. Really, no matter how you serve it, you’re going to love it! Recipe on our website and meal planner