Spring is in full swing and that means gourmet salads are making their way back to my weekly menu. I love a spring salad that’s light, fresh and full of delicious flavor and toppings. I kind of have a thing for dried apricots lately. When I’m craving a little sweetness, I grab a handful of dried apricots and dark chocolate chips. It seems to curb my sweet tooth and makes me not feel quite so guilty 😉 I love dried apricots as a snack, but I also love them in this salad. They add a special sweet layer that goes perfectly with the vinaigrette, grilled chicken and creamy gorgonzola cheese. This recipe is highlighted in this week’s meal plan. Login to Deals to Meals to get this recipe and all of the others for the week. Not to mention, login to see where there are great prices on chicken. It’s a great week to stock your freezer at some of the lowest prices. Enjoy!