Alright friends, this recipe is a keeper! I had family over the other day for lunch and I made these turkey burgers. I have a sister who claims she hates turkey burger and wishes I would just use beef. I have to tell ya, I am a HUGE fan of turkey. Not only is it more healthy, but I love the tender, juicy texture it gives anything I add it to. Of course you have to make it right or it can be dry and tasteless. Don’t be afraid to ‘over’ spice turkey. The more flavor you add, the better it will be.

For these burgers I wanted a spicy flair, so I added delicious Frank’s Hot Sauce to the burgers and the coleslaw. Add the crumbles of blue or gorgonzola cheese and some crispy cabbage slaw and you have a burger that melts in your mouth with all sorts of flavors and textures. We all were ooing and awing at these burgers. You’re going to LOVE them! Login to Deals to Meals to get this recipe and all of the other delicious recipes from our meal planner.

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