In our family we have had a ‘battle’ of the sloppy joe for over 20 years. My mom grew up making what I thought was THE recipe for sloppy joes. It’s a little sweet, spicy, tomato based and everything I love about a sloppy joe. Yes, I can see why my husband thinks it’s strange I put shredded cabbage in sloppy joes, but I can’t help it. I love it! That’s how my Mom made them, so that’s how I make them.

Finally after making these ‘traditional’ sloppy joes a week ago my hubby begged me to make his Mom’s recipe the next time. I hadn’t made her recipe for over 20 years and thought I’d tweak the recipe a bit and surprise him this week. I have to admit, I had to eat my words! This recipe was just as good as my Mom’s traditional one. I loved that it was so salty, savory and yummy. The mixture melded into the soft bun and made the whole thing just plain yummy!

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