This week there are some killer deals on items you might want to stock up on for the upcoming school year. If your kiddos pack any of these items in their lunches; Capri Sun’s, hostess snacks/cakes, pudding cups, chips, crackers, snacks, etc., then this is the week to stock up! All of these items are on sale for only $0.99 in most areas. Login to Deals to Meals to see where the best grocery deals are in your area.

I was able to pick up TONS of boxes of Macaroni and Cheese for less than $0.50 a box. I was also able to buy our 6 month supply of Capri Sun’s for my kid’s lunches as well as several boxes of Hostess Cupcakes I will freeze and put in their lunches for the next several months. How great is that?!

I also stocked up on TONS of meat to make freezer meals to make my life easier now that school is beginning. I bought ground beef to make freezer taco meat and sloppy joes. I also bought tons of chicken to grill and keep in my freezer. I also bought beef roasts to put in my crock pot today and freeze the shredded beef for later French Dip Sandwiches or Beef Burritos. Having freezer meals is a life saver those first few weeks of summer when we’re trying to get back into the swing of things–especially as we’re trying to finish up building our new home (ahh!). We close next month. How exciting is that?! I can hardly wait (pictures coming soon!).

Login to Deals to Meals to see the best grocery deals in your area!