Okay friends, I think it’s official. I have my year supply of chocolate and it feels SO good! January is the very best time to stock up on your favorite chocolate treats. All of them go on sale for HUGE savings at the beginning of the near year.

My favorite place to stock up is Walgreens. I don’t usually shop there any other time of the year, but they always have a huge supply of Christmas candy that they clearance for super awesome deals. They also have most of their toys on clearance as well for 70% off.

I bought all of the candy we will need for our stockings in 2020 and plenty of candy to share with friends, use for church activities and have on hand for those times you just need a piece of chocolate 😉 Chocolate will last several years, so don’t be afraid to box it up and keep on the shelf for the next year. It will be good as new in December and save you TONS of money! I bought all of what you see for only $52! That was a savings of over $500. How fun is that?!

If you’re looking to stock up, you’ll want to hurry in quick before it’s all gone. You might not want to go to the Walgreens near me…my sisters and I may have cleared many of the shelves. Lol!