I know this post has nothing to do with grocery shopping and meal planning, but it’s the only place I could post it that all of my friends and family could download the images. And really, everything we do here on Deals to Meals revolves about family and this new Come Follow Me program from our church has been such a blessing to my family, I would LOVE to share!

Last year we studied in depth the New Testament and it was an amazing year of studying, uplifting messages and strengthened our testimony of Christ.

I printed and hang the weekly scripture on our fridge so we can discuss it 🙂

This year in 2020 we are studying the Book of Mormon. If you don’t know anything about this amazing book, it is a witness of Jesus Christ when he visited the American continent after his death. It’s a beautiful book that has changed my life. My family is so excited to read it again this year and I’ve created a few printables that I thought I would share in case anyone was interested 😉

Here is what you can find in this FREE Google Doc:

*Weekly Come Follow Me Scriptures & Pictures: You can bind these any way you’d like. I wanted them on a ring so I could bring them to church and have my kids memorize them each week.

*Large Print Weekly Scriptures: These are great to hang in a class room at church, on your fridge or really anywhere. These weekly scriptures we have loved having hung up each week so we can discuss them as we come and go in our kitchen.

*Small Print Weekly Scriptures: I printed out these pages and glued to the front of the weekly pictures you can find in the Come Follow Me book. I bought an extra book for $2.50 and cut out the beautiful pictures from each lesson and put the scriptures with it. I hang this on our fridge as well and have used them in youth lessons throughout the year. Not to mention the pictures are beautiful and I will want to keep them for later 😉

*Come Follow Me Reading Chart: This reading chart I tweaked from a friends that she sent me. You can print it as a tri-fold and give to your kids to keep track of their daily reading. If your family follows the schedule you will finish by the end of 2020.

*2020 Go and Do Image: We printed these out for our youth to hang in their rooms to remind them of this year’s theme.

*24 Book of Mormon Questions: We gave all of the youth in our church group these questions on sticker paper and are asking them to mark the pages as they find the answers. We also gave them tabs to be able to organize their book the way they’d like to.

*Go and Do Birthday Image: These are a cute and simple birthday tag you can add to any gifts you’ll be giving in 2020 with the new theme.

*2020 Go and Do Theme Song Lyrics: We needed these lyrics to print for when our youth sing this song in sacrament meeting. If you need them as well, I typed up the words.

*Quote that I like about the importance of using our scriptures over our phones.

Hope you all enjoy these free printables! Feel free to pass them along to your family and friends.

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