For all of us practicing social distancing, it’s a great time to spend some extra time in the kitchen and make some memories with your kiddos. These past couple days we’ve had so much fun cooking, eating, laughing and having a great time together as a family. I really am actually grateful at this point for the chance to wipe our calendars clean, spend some time with kids, get more involved in their education and be able to slow WAY down. Of course I won’t want to do this long term, but for now, I’m trying to look for the good and be grateful every day we’re healthy and safe.

If you are looking for some fun food ‘crafts’ to do, these have been our favorite these past few days:

*St. Patricks Day Rainbow Bread: This bread is seriously SO fun to make and it only takes basic baking ingredients and food coloring. After that, it’s just colorful FUN your kids will love!

  • Rainbow Pancakes: This year we thought we’d switch up our St. Patrick’s Day breakfast and make some rainbow pancakes. All we did was add a 3-3.5 oz. package of jello gelatin to our regular Buttermilk Pancake Recipe (in place of the sugar and when doubled the recipe). You can use just a half of a jello package and only one times the recipe.

You’ll be surprised how many fun colors you can make with all flavors of jello. Our kids (even my 18 year old son) had a great time making all sorts of designs and shapes. And don’t worry, if you make too many you can freeze them for later 😉

Who isn’t needing a little sweet treat during these stressful times? Well these cute green Homemade Oreo Cookies are the perfect solution! Pretty sure these cookies would help make any day better 😉