We are doing the happy dance over here because summer has officially begun, homeschooling is OVER (hallelujah!), Utah is starting to open up again and we are ready & raring for FUN!! A friend of mine asked me yesterday if I had ever heard of doing an ABC Summer? I hadn’t heard of this before, but have since done a little homework on how this will work. And let me tell you, we have had so much fun these past few weeks celebrating summer ABC style!

You know me, just like our Around the World fun from a month ago, I am always on the look out for inexpensive ways to have fun with my kids. I don’t want a lot of hassle, I just want simple and new ways to make the mundane days seem more exciting.

Our first adventure: A bike ride to Sonic for Strawberry Slushies-yum!!

This ABC Summer is going to be exactly what we need! My daughter and I quickly put together passports and printed them off for my boys, as well as my neices and nephews. Here is how this fun idea can work.

Print off the passports (make sure and print in the Short Edge Binding Layout). You may want to print only the first page to make sure you are printing on the right layout setting. Once you print, cut them in half horizontally and lay them in the order so that the alphabet is in order from the left to the right side of the book.

On the overview of the alphabet, brainstorm with your kids some of your favorite ideas for things you could do, places you could go, foods you could eat, etc. that start with each letter of the alphabet.

As you begin your adventures, have your kids write in their ‘passport’ what they did for that letter. I figure this is a great way to help the kids keep up their handwriting and writing skills. You can also ‘stamp’ their passport for each letter’s activity and/or print off a picture and add to each page. At the end of the summer you will have a book/passport full of awesome memories!

If you like this idea or handout, please forward our blog to your friends and family. We created them for free and we’d love if you spread the word about Deals to Meals to help share what we do with your friends. Thanks and enjoy your first week of summer! 🙂